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Stating the obvious...

In one sentence, there are two key purposes to marketing: number one being sales the other product/brand awareness! Neither is simple nor cheap to achieve. Adverts, leaflets, catalogues, local, national, radio, television and the internet are all methods of achieving goals, albeit that some are less measurable than others.

One avenue open to all companies is exhibitions and conferences related or appropriate too, the intended clients or purchasers, which may include something as simple as a stall in a shopping complex?

photo booth business

What makes a stall stand out and get attention whether it's on it's own, in the middle of that shopping mall or it's one of several hundred dotted around an exhibition hall?

Major blue chip players are always going to afford the premium positions. Unless you have their deep pockets you need to find an alternative "attention grabber". It's a similar problem in shopping malls; people hate being hassled when they're shopping.

You've spent a small fortune, you've got the stall, manned it with staff and now all you've got to do is get the passers by to stop and talk, listen or try! Unless you have some fantastically unique new product that stops people in their tracks, a brilliant stall position and/or some kind of significant incentive, which is likely to cost more than the sales you'll ever achieve, this is going to be the problem all through the event. I'm confident that the majority of vendors have at least one near competitor offering a similar product close by.

What about a bit of psychology? You need the 'x' factor that give you an edge and promotes you in a positive light. Put yourself in the picture (no pun intended), how do you feel when in a shop or at a trade show and vendors are constantly, albeit politely asking if you're interested in this or can they show you that...? Chances are the first few are OK, the next getting a bit tiring and so on until after a while...

Alternatively, imagine your standing somewhere by choice, waiting with friends or loved ones to buy a treat such as an ice cream or ticket to a major sports game. How do you feel, if people stop and talk to you here are you more or less responsive, more or less defensive?

The truth is fun is always engaging, fun is always interesting and fun will always get you attention! The trouble with providing fun is it's difficult to find something that includes everyone, whilst enabling you to maintain the market position within which you wish to be perceived by your prospects.

One option you can consider is hiring a photo booth!

Photo booths come in many shapes and sizes from traditional to contemporary, plain to elaborate, so there will always be one appropriate to your company image.

It doesn't matter what age you are, a photo booth is always entertaining and fun, quite simply there is something magical about them. From the nostalgic memories of huddling in a passport booth as a youth with your mates and or teenage romances, to those experiencing it for the first time, being slightly or overtly silly in a small confined space, hidden by nothing more than a curtain is something that all if us find amusing and love and very few ever grow out of, even for the more reserved of characters.

Why a photo booth?

From experience, vendors who have chosen to use a photo booth as part of their promotion, usually find themselves with a queue. A queue of people, that can be 'worked' by good sales team, who are in that comfortable state of mind, anticipating their reward or treat, where 'chatting' to your staff is not considered a chore. Chances are they'll even show you the photo that they're so quick to hide from everyone else, when it appears from the machine.

Ultimately, if you didn't make the sale when they were stood next to you, it's that print that's important, yes you can brand the booths to incorporate your logo or company colours or theme, but that print is dynamite. Not only will it have an appropriate sales message with your name & contact details, but also, unlike the majority of every other leaflet, pamphlet and catalogue handed out, that photo will be kept.

I'll go further, that print is not only going to be kept, but there is a strong possibility it will end up somewhere prominent, like the fridge door or on their desk back at the office, visible every single day. That one souvenir is going to be seen over and over again with your name, sales message and contact number on it, and probably by lots more who didn't even attend that show! What if also, the pictures could be downloaded from a web gallery and put onto social networking sites such as Facebook? How many other potential customers could see your name associated with a happy feeling and as part of a subconscious recommendation or endorsement such placement creates?

photo booth for sale


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